Choices on the edge

Rain drops!!! It is very simple to enjoy the rain either go and get wet or stay inside the house and enjoy with old music and Maggie, but people who doesn’t like none are usually some different people. Usually in movies we see that the opposites attract and people who love the rain teaches people who hate rain to enjoy it. Here the word choices come when we see that the opposite attract we also see that the cheerful one has converted the serious one like him or her. That means it’s no longer exact opposite. It’s not wrong to not enjoy the rain but it’s wrong when we forcefully change the habits or like as individual has. If we do something from our will or we have some habits which we don’t like than changing it for someone else because automatically we are doing it for ourselves is the name of a person we like. But when we say that opposite attracts we should the person the way he or she is and if we find out that the person has something which he or she may not like then only as a loved our we should change it because it’s common to have different choices but it’s not nice to change someone for our own comfort. As a couple there should be a space for individual likes and dislike and there should not be forceful try to change the real him or herself that a problem not a solution. Doing sacrifices and for one day or special occasion doing something what your partner likes is ok but not at the cost of forgetting yourself. That’s why the words like choice, preferences, individuality are so powerful and liberal nowadays because they carry a meaning along with them. Every choice made by an individual is a right of that individual which means a lot. Everyone is aware of MCQ “Multiple Choice Questions”. Life gives us lots and lots of MCQs and we are one who needs to make a wise decision of choosing or ticking the right choice. Usually people see practically and do not see where their happiness lies. Life is lengthy enough to take big fat decisions but where it comes to us we should analyse and make a combo decision with keeping also the facts is mind so that nothing could go wrong. Yes, I agree there are some decisions which may not be easy at first but are proved to be correct at last. So it needs a lot of thinking and we all should be wise enough to do it. After this only we can take the correct decision and make the wise and the best choices for life. Only our correct thinking leads us to correct choices and only our correct choices leads us to healthy and jet free lifestyle.

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