Negative Thoughts

Sadness! Anger! Depression etc. The so called negative thoughts that bound us and create a painful surrounding for us!! Have we ever given it a thought why these feelings hamper us so much?? Even if we have given it a thought I don’t this is was good enough! Life gives us so many situations with respect to our destiny. The only thing is we blame either our destiny or our life and sometimes both. We don’t blame the thing which is actually the main culprit and that is our negative thinking!!! Or more precisely our negative feeling. When we see people with bad health, poverty even they are going through shit in their life. But how do they manage to survive without any help or guidance? Because they don’t have any option except for that but just because we have options we confuse ourselves to an unexpected level. Choices are given to us to make a wise decision but we always tend to believe the way of confusion unwillingly when some negative feelings take over us do we ever realize what “shit” has taken place because we are ready to blame the past and abuse the future but are we ready to “fucking” face it, how do we face it by first letting our brain relax a bit the moment we forcefully put the information in without even letting our brain to calmly process it. I am sure we can allow ourself that bit. If we do that, forty to fifty of our problems get resolved!! Rest can be solved if we have the courage to face it and relax no wonder how big the problem maybe. When we are weak we get terrorized by our thoughts, more precisely negative thoughts. So we should know how to tackle it or else all the negativity can kill the positivity.

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